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Product Benefits

Ease of Data Collection

Robust Process Controls

Integrated Real-Time Tracking

Early Gaps Identification

Real-Time Reports

On-the-go Documentation

How Do You Benefit From LivBIM

A thorough data driven visibility of the gaps in processes, to optimize process flows

Health of various projects in real time update on a single dashboard

Transform your team approach from reactive to proactive

Establish connection & alignment for constant improvement

Complete visibility and integration of Manufacturing Unit, Fit-Out Yard and Installation Site’s processes

Gap identification in real-time for better decision making

Establish Governance controls for better quality and processes’ control

Documentation trail accessible at anytime, anywhere for complete transparency

Establish connection & alignment between senior management to field staff

Data analysis to evaluate the performance of site-teams on a daily basis

Ensuring task accountability of various stakeholders

Real-Time status updates of individual modules

Ease of data collection, documentation and reporting

Efficient identification, clarification and mitigation of safety and quality issues reported on site

Visibility of daily tasks for proactive actions

Efficient coordination among team members through the integration of workflow configurations and automated task notifications

Our Products
Visual Builder

Visual Builder helps you automate and integrate task allocation, data collection and insights in real-time for better visibility and control of the project.


LivBIM helps pre-fabricated Bathroom Unit/Pre-fabricated Pre-finished Volumetric Construction Unit/Off-site building manufacturers set the right foundation for
constant improvement at manufacturing floor by:
Integrating manufacturing processes
Real time data
Collaboration on cloud.

Product Features
  • Multiple Configurable Workflows
  • Integrated QA/QC
  • On-the-go Documentation
  • Real-Time Dashboards
Visual Builder
  • Integration with Primavera
  • Automated Task Allocation
  • Governance Controls
  • Progress Tracking
Companies do more with livBIM
Man Power Reduction
Expense Reduction
Productivity Increase
Man-Hours Saved/Week
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* Based on a 2020 global survey of LivBIM customers

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